Business boot camp coming to Gold Coast

Head and shoulders image of Frank Schultz
Frank Schultz will outline techniques for business change when he visits the Gold Coast in late June.

The business of change will be high on the agenda for top strategist Dr Frank Schultz when he visits the Gold Coast later this month (June).

Dr Schultz will run a two-day Boot Camp for Experienced Managers, hosted by Griffith University’s Asia Pacific Management Centre (APMC) on June 26-27.

He will also lift the lid on what determines whether a CEO’s decision-making is successful or unsuccessful at a breakfast presented by the APMC at the Hilton on Wednesday, June 26.

Dr Frank Schultz is a globally renowned expert in the areas of executive leadership and competitive strategy, and consults regularly with clients in Asia, Europe and the United States.

He is a member of the Management of Organizations Group, and the Economic Analysis and Policy Group of the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.

“This workshop has been designed to enable managers to take an unbiased view of themselves and the organisations they lead,” Professor Jeremy Williams, Director, APMC, said.

“It aims to develop a personalised course of action for bringing an organisation to its full potential.”

The APMC is the executive education provider at the Griffith Business School, working closely with industry and government to devise customised educational solutions to build capacity or address specific issues within organisations.

The Boot Camp has been designed specifically for high-potential and experienced managers to prepare them for the next stage of their management career.

A range of relevant business topics will be covered during the Camp including effective methods for team motivation, developing the right plan for managing change, and attracting world-class talent to your business.

A unique feature of this Boot Camp is that it will include a leading edge change management simulation. “Research and practice show that the majority of ‘change programs’ fails to be implemented as planned,” Professor Williams said. “One of the most common explanations is that the managers responsible lacked ‘change agent’ skills.”

A change management simulation will give participants the chance to work with a small team during the Boot Camp to practise implementing a major change initiative in a simulated organisation experiencing many different types of resistance.

“The simulation provides an inexpensive lesson in the many traps and tactical misfires that typify any change initiative. The session will provide a well-structured thought process to go through when you want to implement changes in your own organisation, whether they are minor changes, or major projects.”

The Boot Camp for Experienced Managers takes place at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise, on June 26-27. Places are limited and in demand. Further details from the Asia Pacific Management Centre.

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