Griffith law student Julien Rosendahl hopes to have global business leaders busily discussing youth unemployment at this month’s OECD annual forum in Paris.

Julien (20), a Gold Coast resident since the age of 10, is one of six young Australians who will make up the Global Voices OECD Australian Youth Delegation.

A member of the Griffith Honours College, he is completing a Research Fellowship with Global Voices as part of the experience and this involves the submission of a research paper on youth unemployment to the OECD forum.

The paper covers over-qualification, skills mismatches and emerging challenges in transition between jobs, and will be distributed to ministers, dignitaries and business leaders attending one of the world’s most influential international annual events.

“I hope to bring to the forefront some of the unemployment issues and challenges faced not only by OECD nations, but also in the Middle East, North Africa and here in Australia.

“I believe that the private sector can be engaged significantly in the development of policy to address the current youth unemployment crisis.”

Julien’s interest in this area stems from his decision to cut short his music studies at the Queensland Conservatorium in the belief his skills and qualifications on graduation would not translate easily into employment within an intensely competitive job market.

“I had to figure out a different way to use my skills and during this process I realised there are so many other people like me in similar situations.”

The second-year B Laws/B Arts students says there is evidence globally of a growing skills mismatch as well as an imbalance between the skills of tertiary graduates and the expectations of employers in terms of skills and new hires.

“A resolution to this problem is vital if international economies are to continue their recoveries post GFC. I believe a greater connection between youth and workforces needs to be created.”

Julien is also the creative developer for the educational consultancy company Mighty Minds Educational Systems.

A history of public service employment runs through Julien’s family, linked to a childhood spent in Canberra. He returned to the ACT capital recently in preparation for the OECD journey where he met Governor General Quentin Bryce, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, and Minister for Trade Craig Emerson.

Global Voices is a non-profit organisation set up in 2011 to create opportunities for young Australians to engage with international policy both home and abroad.

Julien leaves for Paris on May 25.