Griffith midwifery student helps Australia reach 23 million

Kristy Spry felt very privileged recently as she helped give birth to the 23 millionth Australian.

The second year Bachelor of Midwifery student was on duty at Redland Hospital Tuesday 23 April, as part of her degree placement. At 7.03pm Kristy helped the nation tick over a population of exactly 23 million with the birth of little Boone Mason, weighing 3420 grams.

“It was a really beautiful birth and I was really lucky to be there for such a milestone for Australia,” said Kristy. “Just to be there with Boone and his parents, supporting their journey was really amazing. Being at any birth, of course, is a great experience and one where I can put my clinical experience to good use.”

Dr Kathleen Baird from the School of Nursing and Midwifery said the event was a great demonstration of the working partnership between Griffith University and Redland Hospital.