It is almost twelve months since the official opening (April 19, 2012) of the new ABC headquarters and Mark Bowling, Queensland State Director, remains excited about their new facilities and location on the banks of the Brisbane River.

“The future is looking bright for ABC Brisbane and this technically sophisticated building is the perfect space to pursue our goals of becoming a 21st century digital town square.”

“ABC Brisbane is the national headquarters for ABC News online. Our online team has grown from 5 to 50 and includes journalists, web developers and graphic artists. So, young media and digital arts professionals are in demand in the world of online communications.”

The ABC is right in the heart of Brisbane’s thriving arts precinct amongst cultural institutions like the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Queensland Art Gallery, GoMA ( the Gallery of Modern Art), the Maritime Museum.

“Being located in the middle of the cultural precinct provides an opportunity for ABC Brisbane to develop as a community focal point, demonstrate our contribution to Queensland’s cultural landscape and to be part of a creative hub,” Mr Bowling said.

“These are exciting times in regard to digital connectivity and content. The roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) will change the way we get our news and entertainment content,” he said.

Interestingly the ABC staff share the building with the musicians and staff of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, which has a large rehearsal studio there. So performance and rehearsal spaces coexist alongside digital broadcasting networks. It is a very modern and convenient marriage of media and art.

“The ABC is now home for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, which has really activated the building adding the life and exuberance that 100 musicians can bring.”

Mr Bowling was invited to be a guest speaker at one of Griffith’s Graduation ceremonies on the Gold Coast as a leader of people and industry and a friend of the University. He jumped at the chance to speak and present the human side of ABC Queensland, before the next generation of future leaders and share something of his own journey in the industry he loves.

He said he was excited by the developing synergy between the ABC and one of its closest neighbours, the Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music, as the two have now been networked by fibre optic connection for the recording and streaming of performances.

The Griffith University Queensland College of Art (QCA) and the Griffith Film School also at South Bank can benefit as well and Mr Bowling was enthusiastic for close collaborations with them through both media and the arts.