In Australia over 120,000 men are living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. For each man diagnosed there are families, mates and loved ones who will be affected and will be taking the journey with them.

For many of the men diagnosed and the people they love, prostate cancer is a journey into unknown feelings, emotions, stress, action and reaction. Professor Suzanne Chambers, a health psychologist from Griffith University has set out to change this with a book on the prostate cancer journey.

Personal experience of Prostate Cancer

Facing the Tiger- A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People who Love them, is a no-nonsense game plan for living with prostate cancer. It was launched recently by former Rugby League great, Ron Coote AM and David Sandoe the chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

“Everyone’s experience of prostate cancer is unique to them, but there are approaches to this situation that are more helpful than others. This is what Facing the Tiger is about. The book also includes short personal stories from people who have walked this path, and so has the wisdom of personal experience that complements evidence-based coping advice .” said Professor Chambers.

“The book is structured so people don’t have to read it from start to finish, it’s not a textbook, people are supposed to be able to dip into it and choose a section that seems relevant to them at that time.

The stuff of life

“This is also not a technical descriptor of an evolving condition, this is about the stuff of life; making difficult decisions, communication, love, sex, relationships and everything that goes into confronting something very challenging and overcoming it.”

Griffith Health Pro Vice chancellor, Professor Allan Cripps will host the launch.

“Professor Chambers’ work highlights the leading role research intuitions like Griffith Health Institute can take when linked with consumer groups like the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and people needing solutions,” he said.

“Suzanne is one of those great academics who understand the university to be a place where research can be done which helps people, and goes out and does it.”

Facing the Tiger is published by Australian Academic Press and isavailable from their website.