The latest edition of Griffith Review has made a top ten best sellers’ list at independent bookstores nationally.

Tasmania – The Tipping Point?, the 39th edition of Griffith Review, was at No.5 on the Sydney Morning Herald list last week, making it one of the most influential editions of the quarterly’s recent history.

At the official launch at Hobart Town Hall on February 5, the Premier of Tasmania, Lara Giddings, applauded the book of essays.

“It’s great that this publication is sparking discussion about Tasmania’s future, as we’ve seen already with media coverage of Jonathan West’s contribution,” Ms Giddings said.

“This is a debate that we need to have. It’s healthy, and I welcome the role that the Griffith Review is playing in stimulating it.”

Premier Giddings also applauded the quality of the essays.

We must surely agree that all of the contributions are written with honesty, eloquence and passion.

“They are all thought-provoking. They all contain valuable insights that we can learn from.

“They are written by people who care deeply about their subject – the island we love and call home.

“They are written by a range of highly talented and intelligent people — testament to the wonderful human resource that is another reason to be optimistic about Tasmania’s future.

“If you haven’t already got your copy of Tasmania: the Tipping Point I urge you to do so.”

At the Canberra launch of the edition, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania, commended Griffith Review’s role in opening up a Tasmanian conversation.

“All debate and critical analysis is very healthy, and is much needed on the future of Tasmania,” he said.

As well as the print edition, Griffith Review is publishing a series of exclusive essays online about the island state. Contributors include barrister and commentator Greg Barns, Elise Archer MP, and David O’Byrne, Tasmanian Minister for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Innovation, Science and Technology, Police and Emergency Management and Workplace Relations.

A collaboration between Griffith Review and the University of Tasmania, Tasmania – The Tipping Point? is edited by Julianne Schultz and Natasha Cica.

Purchase your copy online here.