Griffith leads the way at Yale

Haig Patapan and John Kane with image of book in background
Haig Patapan (left) and John Kane are leading the democratic way to Yale.

Griffith’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy is making its mark at Yale University this weekend with Professor John Kane and Professor Haig Patapan hosting a Symposium on Good Democratic Leadership.

The prestigious event, running from February 15-17, is supported by the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University, Australian Research Council, Centre for Governance and Public Policy and the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

“Democracies need good leaders, individuals able to exercise prudent judgement for the public good. But do democracies nurture and support good leaders?” asks Professor Patapan, Director of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy.

“Or do democracies make good leadership especially difficult or onerous? These are the core questions that will be explored by international scholars this weekend.”

Symposium participants include some of the foremost students of political leadership, including Robert Elgie, William A. Galston, Bryan Garsten, Barbara Kellerman, Nannerl O. Keohane, Karuna Mantena, Bruce Miroff, James H. Read, Kenneth P. Ruscio, Elizabeth Saunders, Ian Shapiro, Rogers M. Smith, and Thad Williamson.

Papers presented at the Symposium will be published by Oxford University Press in a forthcoming book, Good Democratic Leadership, to be edited by Professors Kane and Patapan.