Workplace learning pays off for criminology students

Gabrielle Sharp and Dr Lyndel Bates
Gabrielle Sharp and Dr Lyndel Bates

Learning on the job has led to paid employment for a host of Criminology and Criminal Justice students.

The 100-hour work integrated learning initiative was undertaken in conjunction with coursework, and incorporated opportunities with leading employers such as the Queensland Police Service, Probation and Parole, Griffith Youth Forensic Health Service and Suncorp.

3rd year criminology student Gabrielle Sharp said the placement allowed her to showcase her potential in a professional environment.

“It was exciting to finally be able to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical working setting,” said Ms Sharp.

“It allowed me to gain an understanding of a ‘real world’ working environment where I was accountable for the work I produced.

“I was able to have intellectual conversations with my peers and colleagues to brainstorm in different scenarios.”

Professional Practice Coordinator Dr Lyndel Bates said students also took the initiative to share their experiences and to learn from each other.

“It is an important initiative because it demonstrates the wide range of possible employment options for criminology students after graduation,” Dr Bates said.

“It also allows for the application of the knowledge they have acquired during their studies, while offering employers the chance to gain valuable insight into the newest group of graduates in their field.”