Phd research contributing to government practice

Governments in two states are already using findings from criminology researcher Kathryn Seymour’s PhD study.

Both the NSW Minister for Communities and his WA counterpart have recognised the contribution Kathryn’s work is making in the important area of youth development.

The guide written by Kathryn as part of her PhD, ‘Good Practice Principles for Youth Development Organisations’ provides a set of clear and user-friendly good practice principles, indicators and comprehensive guidelines and is part of a collaborative research project on positive youth development.

It is supported by the Queensland Youth Alliance and the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance at Griffith University, where Kathryn is a PhD candidate.

Kathryn said she was excited to hear the principles have been used in developing a framework for reviewing youth funding priorities in New South Wales and Western Australia.

“The good practice framework promises to be of great use in supporting excellence in youth development practice and I am very pleased that it has received such positive reception”.