Interns learn in innovative start-up

By Jason Oxenbridge

Ahealth-relatedstart-up incubated by the Gold Coast Innovation Centre (GCIC) is restoring quality of life for people by keeping them flexiblewith reduced pain,whilegiving Griffith University students valuable internships at the same time.

Kanetica is on the cusp of commercialisation afterjoining GCIC which is a technology incubator supported by Griffith University, the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government.

The innovative company’s innovative technique restores movement and function while reducing pain and rebalancing the body with its breakthrough Kanetica Method, aligning its outcomes with the Federal Government’s declaration of musculoskeletal conditions as a national health priority.

Founder Basil Mouasher said the company launched its training program in 2011 with a mission to train Australian health practitioners and develop flexibility and pain-relief centres across the country to make the treatment more accessible.

“The Kanetica Methodis amanual, structural balancing treatment focussed on restoring better health, flexibility and an improved quality of life by keeping people moving freely, with reduced pain, pills and surgical intervention.It is unique, simple, and produces results,” he said.

“More than 90 per cent of our patient cases show the Kanetica Method to be more effective in a shorter time than other treatments with pain relief and the recovery of movement and function.”

While designed as a standalone treatment, it can also be integrated into health disciplines, including osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise physiology and remedial massage.

GCIC chief executive Andrew Loch, said three Griffith University business and marketing students had gained considerable knowledge while workingwith the company.

He noted that each year, thousands of students graduate from universities across the country and they are expected to be ‘work ready’ and ‘employable’ — with a need to show a future employer that they have the skills (not just academic) to apply to the job.

“On the other hand,any new company needs a lot of help in a lot of areas,” he said.

“One of the challenges new businesses face is not having enough financial resources in the early days to employ the needed manpower to grow the business.

“The upside is that this provides a fertile environment for learning and development for students who are willing to gain valuable work experience and gives them a crucial competitive advantage.

“The GCIC is based at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus and provides a unique opportunity for select university students to gain valuable work experience alongside some of Australia’s leading start-ups.”

Students Kane Shepetunko, Yadge Lukasz and Janine Spiers have injected their knowledge and theory into practice in a controlled environment, under guidance and mentorship.

International business student Mr Shepetunko said working with Kanetica gave him access to a wealth of networks and mentors.

“I have worked on a diverse range of projects, ranging from researching statistics in the health industry and preparing industry analyses on competitors, to working with the whole team on their new brand manual. I’ve also been asked to present strategic options to the company partners and GCIC, as well as team lead the other interns,” he said.

“The great thing about working for an entrepreneurial company like Kanetica is that I’ve been able to experience what it would be like working as an entrepreneur where the rules of the game are not as obvious as working in a large organisation, the goal posts change often, and we have to be diverse and flexible with our skills.

“This hands-on experience was like no other and I look forward to continuing working the Kanetica team once I graduate from Griffith.”

About the GCIC

The Gold Coast Innovation Centre (GCIC) is a technology-based company incubator that supports the success of emerging businesses with innovative technologies for the global market. Jointly funded by Griffith University, the State Government and Gold Coast City Council, it is based at Griffith’s Gold Coast campus.

About Kanetica

Through its unique mobilisation methods and positioning techniques, Kanetica’s primary focus is to release stiff joints and tissue, restore movement and function, reduce and manage pain, and rebalance the body, achieving profound and sustainable results in a shorter period of time.It has been specifically designed as a treatment to be used exclusively, or integrated into other methods such as osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage etc.

Kanetica is a registered trademark of ABMO Pty Ltd.