Year 12 student has to be patient

Lee Shaw - St Stephens College
Lee Shaw from St Stephens College achieved an OP1

Gold Coast student Lee Shaw, is feeling pretty satisfied with his final year of school as he celebrates receiving an OP1.

Lee of Saint Stephens College in Upper Coomera, is one of about 600 Queensland students to receive the top Overall Position (OP) in the state.

“Yes, I am very pleased with my OP and FP (Field Position) results.” He said. “I achieved exactly what I aimed to achieve upon entering my year 12 studies, attaining an OP 1.”

“I know this is a high achievement however I still have to wait, anxiously I might add, until the offer round (17th January) for the Dentistry degree I’d like to pursue at Griffith.”

Lee had originally wanted to study Medicine, but eventually chose Dentistry as his first preference as it more closely met with his desire of helping people to maintain their health.

Lee also made time to join the school Drum line, (think American high school marching band) and has enjoyed entertaining the crowds for the Gold Coast Titans (Rugby League) and the Blaze (Basketball) as well as the Lord Mayor’s Carols in Brisbane at the River Stage.

“It’s been an adventurous final year,” he said. “I’m sad to leave, but it was pretty tough at times.”

There were a few personal obstacles along the way for Lee and his family, as his Mum was was diagnosed with breast cancer and his Dad’s business collapsed.

But fortune favours the brave, they say, and both his Mum and his Dad have made positive recoveries from their misfortunes and along with Lee’s outstanding academic performance, things are looking much brighter.

“There was a lot of stress and worry this year.” He said. “But we learnt ways to deal with it in school and at home. And we found that we could rely on each other.”

“At school it was like the whole grade in year 12 really bonded and worked together. In that way was a lot better than in previous years.”

First round offers and changing preferences

Please note that the final date to change, add or delete preferences through QTAC for the 17 January offer round is Thursday 10 January 2013.

If you have applied through UAC the last date to change your preferences for the Main offer round on the 16th is midnight on Friday the 4th January 2013.