Griffith and Denmark collaborate on research

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Ned Pankhurst
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Ned Pankhurst

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Ned Pankhurst has announced the research projects to be included in the inaugural Griffith University and SouthernDenmarkUniversity Collaborative Travel Grants Scheme.

Co-funded by the two institutions, the nine successful projects have each been awarded up to $10,000 in the first round of the scheme.

Professor Pankhurst has warmly congratulated the teams.

“This scheme aims to assist researchers from each institution to undertake onsite visits to colleagues in the other institution, in order to develop collaborative research projects which will lead to joint publications in high quality research outlets and joint external grants,” Professor Pankhurst said.

The nine projects and Lead Investigators are:

Testing the Nuclear Umbrella: Asia and Europe Compared, Prof. Andrew O’Neill (GU) and Assistant Prof. Michael Cohen (SDU)

Developing Nerve Regeneration Therapies, Dr James St John (GU) and Assistant Prof. Aasa Fex Svenningsen (SDU)

Complementary Innovation Capabilities, Dr Stephanie Schleimer (GU) and Prof. Mette Praest Knudsen & Associate Prof. Marcel Bogers (SDU)

Capturing Children’s Active Transport, Dr Matthew Burke (GU) and Associate Prof. Jens Troelsen (SDU)

Aging with Imperfect Labour Substitution, Prof Ross Guest (GU) and Prof. Bjarne Jensen (SDU)

Personalised Cancer Nanomedicine, Prof. Jan Mollenhauer (SDU) and Profs. Ronald Quinn and Lyn Griffiths (GU)

The State and Voluntary Associations, Prof. Bjarne Ibsen (SDU), Professor Graham Cuskelley (GU), Associate Prof Niels Ejersbo (SDU), Prof R.A.W. Rhodes, Evald Iversen

Mangrove Food Web Structure, Associate Prof. Erik Kristensen (SDU) and Prof. Joe Lee (GU)

Media Based Approaches to 19thCentury Literature, Associate Prof. Henrik Lassen (SDU), Dr David Ellison (GU) and Prof. Jock MacLeod (GU)