More than 40,000 school leavers received their Overall Position (OP) scores online over the weekend, with the mail out version expected to arrive in the post today. The Overall Position (OP) is the tertiary entrance rank that Queensland uses for selection into universities across the state.

The results were published by the Queensland Studies Authority on Saturday and have since caused a flurry of excited sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

We spoke to Year 12 student, Meghan McConnell of Helensvale State High School last week, before results were released and she had a head cold clouding her thoughts. Nevertheless she was proud of her efforts in what had been a “fun and hectic” final year of school, and that she had been nominated a Sports Captain and Dux of the School.

Now she is celebrating the news that she has achieved an OP1. The result is a just reward for her hard work in her final year.

“Oh yeah, I am fully recovered,” she said with a chuckle. “I feel a whole lot better now the result as are out. It doesn’t change the way I am thinking as far as preferences go. It’s just such a relief.”

She loves her sport, which ranges from Soccer, Touch Footy to Netball and Volleyball and is very competitive as you would expect from someone that can top the state academically.

Meghan’s first preference is the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Lizzie Dowrie, from Canon Hill Anglican College, is feeling all kinds of relief now that her OP results and all four of her wisdom teeth are out.
Assuming that the first weeks of December would be a waiting game until the OP results arrived, Lizzie’s Mum booked her in for some hospital time for the removal of her ill-fated wisdom teeth.

“Year 12 is best described in one word,” she said. “BIG!”

“While I will always remember the stressful workload and exams, I will mostly remember the other big moments, the year 12 formal, modelling in the fashion parade with my cohort and graduating high school with a group of people I have grown up with.”

Just a few days later and the pain and swelling from the operation and the stress of waiting for the OP results have subsided.

Lizzie has since been rewarded with an OP2, which is more than enough to get in to her first preference of a double degree of a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of International Relations and Government at Nathan campus.

We wish them both a happy summer holiday and all the very best for 2013!

Study Options

There is still plenty of time to change your preferences. The final date to change, add, move or delete preferences for QTAC’s main offer round is January 10, 2013. The closing date for UAC is 4 January, 2013.

For more information come to one of Griffith University’s Options Information Evenings being held from 3 — 6 pm on 18 December 2012 at both the South Bank and Gold Coast campuses.
Or talk to our Future Students team on 1800 677 728