When JuliaWood decided to study forensic science at Griffith University, she knew that it wouldn’t be the same as on television.

“I had always been told that the forensic field is often portrayed inaccurately by television shows and other media, and so I figured that the best way to discover what really happens was to make myself a part of it!” Julia said.

Julia is now ready to take her place in the forensic field as she graduates with a Bachelor of Forensic Science on Saturday 15 December 2012.

“When deciding on my degree, I wasn’t sure which major I would choose, “Julia said.

“The support from lecturers, tutors and even other students was so great, I ended up choosing a chemistry major even though had I never studied chemistry before I went to uni.”

It was this level of support which drew Julia to Griffith University in the first place.

“I had heard about how the lecturers have an open-door policy, where if you knock and they aren’t busy, they will chat with you about any issues you are having with your coursework or your degree in general, and just try to help out in any way that they can.

“There are lots of fun things that you get to do throughout the degree, like interesting forensic-related labs, mock crime scenes, moot court trials as an expert witness, and crime scene photography.

“You also get to meet and network with industry professionals, who share their first-hand experience within the various roles of forensic science.”

As Julia prepares for her graduation on Saturday, she says it is time to reflect on what has been a challenging but exciting chapter of her life.

“Regardless of whether or not we realise it, the past three or four years that we’ve spent here have changed us. I hope that the motivation that has driven each of us throughout our degrees continues to push us to success.”

As this journey comes to an end, an exciting new one begins.

“I have applied to do honours next year here at Griffith University, and I have also been applying for jobs. I will be making the big decision over the next few weeks!”