Graduation arrives for Class of 2012

Laurie Lawrence and Robyn Jorgensen
Laurie Lawrence and Professor Robyn Jorgensen (School of Education and Professional Studies)

Around 8000 students will graduate from Griffith University in December from 16 ceremonies, held at the Logan, Gold Coast and Brisbane convention centres.

Additional honours will go to legendary swim coach Laurie Lawrence and former Gold Coast Health boss Dr Adrian Nowitzke, who will be awarded an honorary doctorate by Griffith University this week.

The Graduation season began with our Logan students last week as over 400 students from areas such as Human Services, Nursing and, Business attended 2 ceremonies at the Logan Entertainment Centre (LEC).

Next up is the Gold Coast, with more than 3000 students to attend six ceremonies across a two-day event at the Gold Coast Entertainment and Convention Centre (GCCEC). These ceremonies start Monday and cover the fields of Business, Arts, Education, Law, Health, Science, Engineering, Environment and Technology.

Brisbane will see its influx of Griffith graduates later in the week with a further 4000 plus students filling the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre (BCEC) for eight ceremonies across three days.

Honouring a Gold Coast legend

Laurie Lawrence is a household name in Australia for his contributions as an Olympic swim coach and determined advocate of child water safety programs.

Laurie, is humbled by the award and says he took some convincing at first in order to accept it for services to the Gold Coast.

“My association with Griffith University goes back a long way. So I appreciate the gesture.” He said.

“At the time we needed more swimming teachers and their teaching students from the School of Education needed more experience in different learning environments.”

Dr Nowitzke is most well-known for his role as the driving force as CEO for the development of the Gold Coast University Hospital and Medical Precinct. However he has close ties with the Griffith Health Institute where he gets the opportunity to engage with students as an Honorary Professor.

The events will also feature a cast of guest and students speakers including Olympic cycling Gold Medallist Sara Carrigan and the Queensland Director of the ABC, Mark Bowling.

“I have very fond memories of what was a very exciting time for me in 2012,” said Sara. “I just hope to be able to express that when speaking to this year’s graduates.”

Graduation Schedule of Events

Logan Entertainment Centre (LEC)

Friday 7 Dec,11.00am,Griffith Health – Humans Services and Arts, Education & Law

Friday 7 Dec,3.00pm, Griffith Health – (Nursing, Public Health), Science, Environment, Engineering & Technology,Griffith Business School

Gold Coast Entertainment and Convention Centre (GCECC)

Mon 10 Dec, 11.00am, Griffith Business School – UGRD

Mon 10 Dec, 3.00pm, Griffith Business School – PGRD,Science, Environment, Engineering & Technology

Mon 10 Dec,7.00pm,Arts, Education and Law (ART, EDN, EPS, HUM, LAL, QCA, QCGU, GIHE)

Tues 11 Dec,11.00am,Griffith Health, Dentistry & Oral Health, Health Science, Medicine, Medical Sciences

Tues 11 Dec,3.00pm,Griffith Health,Nursing, Human Services, Psychology

Tues 11 Dec,7.00pm,Griffith Health,Public Health, Physiotherapy & Exercise Science,Pharmacy

Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre (BCEC)

Thurs 13 Dec,11:00am,Griffith Business School – UG (B Com, GBS Double Degree, GBS Honours

Thurs 13 Dec,3:00pm,Griffith Business School – UG (all except B Com)

Thurs 13 Dec,7:00pm,Griffith Business School – All PG

Fri 14 Dec,11:00am,AEL – Education, GIHE

Fri 14 Dec,3:00pm,AEL, ATS, CCJ, GLS, HUM, LAL, QCGU

Fri 14 Dec,7:00pm,AEL, QCA & GFS

Sat 15 Dec,11.00am,Science, Environment, Engineering & Technology

Sat 15 Dec,3.00pm,Griffith Health