Motivating her students to reach their potential is the aim of primary education graduand Kyla Willcocks.

“I want to inspire a love of learning within my students so they are motivated to achieve their best,’’ she says.

Before she began university, Kyla had a lot of experience in planning children’s programs through church and community organisations, so enrolling in a teaching degree seemed the logical next step.

“The opportunity to be a stable, positive influence for the children in my care has been my biggest motivator for becoming a teacher.”

Kyla says she enjoyed many degree highlights including being selected to represent the university on a three-week cultural exchange program with Pukyong National University, South Korea and mentoring first-year education students.

To keep her motivated through the long hours of study and completing assignments, she put every letter or drawing given to her from students on a wall near her work area.

“As with all my practicum experiences, I feel that Griffith has equipped me with the knowledge of the types of learners I could expect in my class and how to cater for their needs.

“Obviously, there will never be a ‘textbook’ classroom, but I feel confident in catering for differing learning needs and structuring learning experiences. Even so, I know I still have so much more to learn.”

Kyla has already received several offers of employment within Education Queensland, and completed some relief teaching days prior to graduation.

She will graduate with more than 460 graduands at the Logan Entertainment Centre today.