Paving the way to research excellence

Griffith University Bridge at Gold Coast Campus

The Griffith Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) Research Group has once again been recognised for its research excellence.

The group which is part of the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering and Management (CIEM) has received the 2012 Science, Engineering, Environment & Technology Pro Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award for a Research Group.

Director of the Research Centre, Associate Professor Rodney Stewart, has congratulated the team for their latest achievement.

The research efforts of the IAM Group have been directed to road pavement management and bridge network management.

The team has established deterioration factors for road surfaces within the Gold Coast City Council, and five other local government areas, as well as Queensland Department of Main Roads (South Coast and Brisbane Metropolitan Regions). The aim is to find ways to improve the maintenance and repair of roads in South East Queensland (SEQ) at reduced cost.

Managing bridges requires similar long-term performance predictions. Incorporating artificial intelligence, the team has developed an advanced bridge deterioration model which allows them to determine the strength of structural sections.

The Infrastructure Asset Management research group has attracted external funding in excess of $3M and has a strong publication track record.

The team members are no strangers to having their work recognised. The group received the 2011 Institute of Public Work Engineering Australia, Queensland Division (IPWEAQ) Innovation Award for their long-term pavement performance study in SEQ.

The members of Road Pavement Management team are Dr Gary Chai (Team Leader), Dr Rudi van Staden, Dr Sanaul H. Chowdhury and Professor Yew-Chaye Loo.

The Bridge Network Management team is comprised of Associate Professor Hong Guan (Team Leader), Dr Jaeho Lee, Associate Professor Michael Blumenstein and Professor Yew-Chaye Loo.