As a former Wallaby, Griffith MBA graduate David Croft knows better than most the value of preparing well for the next phase of play.

As his professional rugby career neared its end, Croft knew he needed a strong skills set to make his mark in the world of business.

“I studied an MBA part-time for three years at the Griffith Graduate School on the South Bank campus and to put it simply it was an invaluable experience,” said the former Reds and Australian player still sporting his trademark bald scalp.

“The combination of the MBA program and my previous sporting career provided me with the ability to engage with people in all levels of business with confidence.

“The MBA gave me the language of business, as well as the understanding and acumen that you need to develop in a new profession.”

Croft now works as Head of Commercial at Sports and Entertainment Limited (SEL) after a stint as General Manager of International Quarterback (IQ) a Sports Management company.

“My current role for Sports and Entertainment Limited requires a great deal of consultation and negotiation with brands and clients for revenue generation,” he said during a visit to the Gold Coast.

“Those businesses, brands and media networks require a strategy to achieve financial goals and we assist them with achieving those goals.”
Unfortunately, Croft can’t help his old Wallabies team mates achieve their goals right at the moment, after struggling against Argentina and New Zealand and losing to the French.

“This Wallabies team has had to battle through the Championship with probably the worst list of injuries to established players on record,” he said.

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