The US must walk a tightrope of ambiguity on China Policy

As the race for the US top seat was heating up, the debate about the economic relationship between the US and China became an interesting point. Wes Widmaier writes for The Conversation:


“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were engaged in their own competition to be tough on China — leading Obama to argue in an April 2008 speech to Pennsylvania workers that China was “grossly undervaluing their currency, and giving their goods yet another unfair advantage” and to lament that “the Bush administration has failed to do anything about this … That’s why I co-sponsored the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act. And that’s why as President, I’ll use all the diplomatic avenues open to me to insist that China stop manipulating its currency.” Of course, as President — like many of his predecessors, from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush — Obama’s policy would prove less confrontational with China.”


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