The ruins of St Helena Island

The ghosts of Australia’s past that continue to fit and weave their way into the present will be explored among the crumbling ruins on St Helena Island this Friday evening.


The event will incorporate live dance, music, film projections and a walking discovery of the island.


Coordinator, Professor Patricia Hoffie from the Queensland College of Art, says the three-hour experience will allow guests to deeply consider aspects of the island’s rich history.


“Issues of Indigenous custodianship, isolated incarceration, race relations, fear of outsiders, the drive towards productivity and sustainability, and a prevailing capacity to dream and hope in the face of adversity are carried in the evidence of the stones and spaces of the past,” she said.


“Few people are aware of the true cultural and historical significance of this island despite it being right on their doorstep.


“Our event aims to creatively recognise our past, its influence on our present and its impact on the future.”


The project is a collaborative effort between the Queensland College of Art, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith Film School and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

This project has also received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Pat Hoffie (coordinator)
Anthony & Donna Hamilton
Kim Cunio
Nicholas Ng
Peter Moyes
Laura McCabe
Amy Crossingham
Danika Catchpole
William James
Xuening Tang
Roland Dowling
Lauren Penny
Andrew Weyer