Broadening the international base of workplace research

TheCentre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW) has finalised an agreement with the University of Sheffield as both seek to advance research in the fields of employment relations and organisational behaviour. Facilitated by WOW Director, Professor Adrian Wilkinson, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will afford both institutions the opportunity to exchange students, academic members of staff and publication materials, collaborate on academic papers, and provide mutual assistance in the preparation of scholarly forums throughworkshops.

Of the gains the MoU will afford WOW members, Professor Wilkinson highlights how the output and dissemination of research between scholars in similar fields will be enhanced through new opportunities for collaboration. With its high level of international accreditation and agenda overlap, Sheffield’s world-renowned Institute of Work Psychology (IWP), led by former WOW Visitor (2010) Professor John Arnold, is additionally a key partner in WOW’s broadening international base.

In taking further steps in the formalising of what has been an ongoing dialogue since 2007 between the two institutions’ employment relations and OB scholars, Associate Dean of Sheffield’s Management School, Professor Geoffrey Wood was also recently appointed an Adjunct Professor of the Centre. A former guest of the GBS’s International Visitors Program (2009), Professor Wood will continue to foster links between Griffith and the University of Sheffield through annual visits in support of WOW’s Seminar Programme and Higher Degree Research student masterclass initiatives.

GBS Dean of Research, Professor Graham Cuskelly (pictured, second from left) joined representatives of the University of Sheffield on the 2 July to celebrate this milestone with a brief presentation ceremony.

Professor Graham Cuskelly (second from left) and representatives of the University of Sheffield.