Projects need student support in 2013?

The Industry Affiliates Programis a work-integrated learning program thatintegrates undergraduate and postgraduate students intothe workplace through the completion of an industry basedproject.

“The IAP provided direct benefits to our company. While challenging students understanding of theory in a practical business operation we prepared them for the next step in their professional career” –Peter Greenham, Independent Inspections.

Project registrations for semester 1 2013 are now open. Link to talented final year students from Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology to work on your upcoming projects in 2013.Our students are available for placement within industry for 2 — 5 days per week over a 14 week period from Monday 25 February to Friday 31 May 2013.

Are you interested in becoming an Industry Partner in 2013?Register a project today

IAP annouces their firstEarly Bird Discount!

Project Registrations submitted before 19 October will receive a 10% discount on our admin fee. Get in quick! If you have a project ready for 2013, complete a project registrationtoday.

For more information email us at [email protected]