Library donation aids Gifted Hub

The Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children (QAGTC) Gold Coast branch has donated its full collection of specialist books on gifted and talented children and education to the new Griffith University Gifted Hub.

The Gifted Hub aims to provide professional development training for Gold Coast teachers.

A practical resource, the books are aimed at helping parents and teachers to raise and educate gifted children.

The books including planning for teachers on best practice in the education of gifted and talented students. They also include parenting advice and research-based strategies for assisting gifted students and those who are gifted and possess learning disabilities, to reach their potential.

Many Queensland schools suffer from a lack of gifted education options for their students with the Australian Association for Gifted and Talented Children estimating there are more than 300,000 such students in Australian schools.

The Griffith University Gifted Hub and QAGTC offer teacher training and professional development as well as informal parental seminars and support.

QAGTC Gold Coast branch is a voluntary not-for-profit association and offers regular workshops for gifted children.

Pictured from left; Dr Susan Garvis from the School of Education and Professional Studies, Michelle Ronskley-Pavia (Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children president), School of Education and Professional Studies Dean Professor Donna Pendergast, Jen Hamley (QATGC), Geraldine Townend (EPS) and Carol Barnes (QATGC)