The stage is set, the lines are learnt and now it’s just a matter of turning nervous energy into dynamic performances.

Second-year Griffith University applied theatre students are taking to the stage in The STRANGE-itoreum as part of the Out of the Box Festival at the State Library of Queensland this week.

Written and directed by theatre lecturer Linda Hassall The STRANGE-itoreum is aimed at five to eight-year-olds, encouraging them to explore their imaginations.

“This light-hearted and funny show takes children into a nonsense world filled with curious objects, loopy language and kooky characters,” Ms Hassall said.

“Making use of a range of visually tantalising techniques, music and a large cast of highly physical performers, the show will give audiences the thrill of visiting an absolutely awful place few have to dared to go.

“Its wonderful characters include dragons, a head and toe mistress, a barber who thinks he’s a dentist and some children who have been carelessly mislaid.”

Bachelor of Applied Theatre convenor Professor Michael Balfour said 2012 season was their most ambitious theatre work to date.

“We have two productions at the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse in August,” he said.

“These shows build on two new shows in May which were directed by leading industry professionals at the newly renovated theatre at Mt Gravatt campus.

“Over the past few years we have striven to create not just good student theatre, but the best theatre possible.

“If students stand any chance of turning their passion into a profession, we need to instil in them the desire to push at their preconceived limitations and reinvent expectations of the form.”

Watch a preview of The STRANGE-itoreum

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