Three Realms: Gonkar Gyatso

One of the world’s rising stars in contemporary art, Gonkar Gyatso, has launched an exclusive exhibition in Brisbane.

The project is a partnership between the Griffith University Art Gallery (GUAG), the University of Queensland Art Museum and the Institute of Modern Art, and is the first time in Queensland that three major public galleries have partnered to do a solo artist project featuring a leading international artist.

Three Realms: Gonkar Gyatso looks at the main areas of his work: the personal, the political and the third realm where these two combine: pop art.

The exhibition reflects Gyatso’s heritage and covers the last eight years of his already stellar career, starting from when his signature style began to emerge, according to Curator and GUAG Director, Simon Wright.

“Gyatso overlays Buddhist iconography with the detritus of pop-culture, working as a Tibetan, a Tibetan/Chinese and a postcolonial citizen of a world free of ideology and reference to place.”

“He embodies each of these personas, yet none entirely,” he said.

Gyatso was born in Tibet, studied in Beijing and London and is currently based and working between London, New York and Beijing. He is represented by the renowned Haunch of Venison and his work has been internationally exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

Three Realms will be shown in the Griffith University Art Gallery until April 14.