Employing a student on campus made easy

StudentJobs@Griffith is designed to connect Griffith staff with students who have expressed an interest in finding work on campus, and is an easy way for staff to tap into the exceptional skills, knowledge and expertise of Griffith students.

The program works by placing students into the StudentJobs@Griffith Talent Pool once they have completed Campus Ready training, which includes an introduction to Griffith’s corporate culture, an overview of commonly used booking systems and some generic skills for success in the workplace including professionalism, time management, communication and conflict resolution. Students in the Talent Pool have also completed the University’s compulsory Workplace Health and Safety training, have an awareness of the University’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality agreements and have completed the necessary paperwork to start work immediately.

Students from the Talent Pool are versatile and eager to get started, and can be hired on a casual basis, for a fixed-term or to work on a specific project. To advertise job opportunities to the trained students in the Talent Pool, contact the StudentJobs@Griffith Project Officer, Gayle Brent-Buchbach on extension 57324 or email [email protected] and find out more.