New boost to Social Work education at Griffith

The newly-minted Australian College of Social Work (ACSW) has recognised Griffith University’s School of Human Services and Social Work as one of the nation’s leading institutions in the field with the appointment of another Griffith University academic as an Inaugural Fellow.

Logan-based Associate Professor Donna McAuliffe (pictured) was appointed to the prestigious position, which will oversee the development of the ACSW’s programs and guidelines and in turn the profession’s future development.

The appointment follows that of Professor Lesley Chenoweth who recently became a Foundation Fellow of the College.

Foundation Fellows are permanent positions concerned with creating and overseeing the College’s governance structures.

Inaugural Fellows are three year appointees expected to design programs which will shape the different areas of the ACSW.

Associate Professor McAuliffe, whose background is in ethics, will be part of the team establishing the research and education structure of the College.

She expects the fellowship will open Griffith University students to the very latest in practical and theoretical developments.

“It really puts the School of Human Services and Social Work at the forefront of contemporary theory and practise,” McAuliffe said.

“Our students will have the most up to date knowledge of codes of practice and ethics. It really puts the school in the know.

“In addition, our students will be able to trial some of the techniques and codes before they hit the street, meaning they will carry a working knowledge of latest ideas into their professional practice,” she said.

As convenor of the Masters in Social Work, Associate Professor McAuliffe will ensure all programs align with the demands of the College which it is hoped will progress the profession as a whole toward the goal of professional registration and regulation along with other health professions.

New Head of School of Human Services and Social Work, Professor Patrick O’Leary was keen to promote the fellowships.

“This is a big deal. Griffith University has some of the finest Social Work researchers and practitioners in Australia, recognised as such by their peers and appointed to positions which will sculpt the future of the profession,” he said.

“Future students will attend Griffith University knowing they will graduate at the leading edge of their profession, from one of the finest schools in Australia.”

Associate Professor McAuliffe will continue to be based at Griffith University’s Logan campus.