International Students & Exchange Experiences

FYI… The Griffith Exchange Program allows Griffith University students, including international students, to participate in short-term and semester study opportunities overseas. With over 200 exchange partners to choose from around the world, it is a fantastic way for you to combine study and travel while still earning a Griffith degree!

So Max, where did you go on exchange?

I went on exchange for one semester from January to May 2011 to the University of Guelph, Canada.

How did Guelph compare with Griffith & what kind of teaching methods were used?

Guelph held more tutorials per week than Griffith, which were conducted in small class-room style groups. Small assessment items were also conducted more frequently throughout the semester.

How was the accommodation you stayed in?

I shared a townhouse with 3 other local students. I was on a meal plan so I didn’t have to cook but when I wanted to go out there were many shops and restaurants close by.

How did you finance your exchange program? Because of my high academic standing at Griffith University I was awarded an International Experience Incentive Scheme (IEIS) Grant of $3000 from the Griffith Exchange office. I also received a $500 grant from the Griffith Business School to support me on my exchange. This plus my personal savings paid for all of my travel and living costs while on exchange.

How were you able to meet and interact with other students when you arrived?

I met almost all the other exchange students at Guelph’s orientation session, which helped me meet new people and make good contacts. It’s vital to communicate with other exchange students because everyone is experiencing the same excitement and challenges at the beginning and you can support each other.


What did you do in your spare time?__

I travelled a lot and socialised with other exchange students.


Why do you think Griffith International Students should consider going on exchange? __

Going on exchange is a tremendous and unique opportunity for international students, no matter where you’re from and you’ll make lifelong friends and contacts from all over the world while studying in a fresh and exciting environment. Moreover you can easily combine your wanderlust with your studies before, after or even during your stay. Ok, it might be a hard decision to make at first, but once you arrive in your host country you’ll realise that every second and every minute of your semester is a rewarding cultural experience.

I strongly recommend the Griffith Exchange Program as it provides you with all the essential information from the start till the end of your program. I would definitely do it again!!