Griffith in top 500 position on ARWU rankings

Griffith University has appeared for the first time in the world’s most prestigious university rankings – the Academic Ranking of World Universities – known as the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.

Griffith Vice Chancellor Professor Ian O’Connor said the University was “as proud as it is possible to be” of taking its place among the world’s best research universities.

“We are now ranked in the top 500 of the 1000 universities ranked by the SJT – a recognised measure of global achievement,” Professor O’Connor said.

“This is a tribute to a broad-based, overall effort on the part of our body of world-class researchers.

“Our strategy of encouraging publication in highly-regarded journals across the board is proving to be a winner.”

Griffith is now only the second university in South East Queensland to be in each of the Times Higher Education Top 400, QS Top 400 and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500.

“Further, we are one of only 56 universities in the ARWU 500 index who got there on this broad basis – the value of publications indexed by Thomson-Reuters Web of Science, regarded as the worlds’ pre-eminent citation database,” Professor O’Connor said.

He said the university’s mission over several years had been to encourage publication across the board, rather than rely on the records of a few highly cited researchers.

“This also helped us position in the top 10 of Australian research universities according to analysis of the Excellence in Research for Australia National Report 2010.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Professor Ned Pankhurst said the significance of Griffith’s ranking could not be overstated, especially when combined with its Excellence in Research for Australia 2010 outcomes —analysis of which placed it in the top 10 nationally — and its top 30 ranking on the Nature Asia-Pacific Publishing Index 2010.

“Prominent representation on all major listings enables the University to engage at a higher level in international collaborative research arrangements and for recruitment of academic staff and international students, especially at the doctoral level,” Professor Pankhurst said.

Griffith University this week released an information campaign titled “Know More. Do More” which highlights the value of research in teaching and learning.

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