New face of WikiLeaks presents public lecture

Kristinn Hrafnsson, the new spokesman for WikiLeaks, will present his only public lecture in Queensland tomorrow, June 23 at the Queensland College of Art.

Hrafnsson is the new face of WikiLeaks while legal battles engulf the organisation’s founder, Julian Assange.

He is an Icelandic investigative journalist who exposed high level criminal activity and corruption in Iceland.

His work on the collapse of Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank caused his TV program to be taken off air and the team sacked.

He joined Iceland’s national broadcaster and fought against the legal suppression of further exposés about the bank drawn from documents published by WikiLeaks.

Hrafnsson, named three times Icelandic journalist of the year, was subsequently made redundant from the broadcaster in July 2010 and began to work independently.

The audience will have the opportunity to discuss questions with him such as:

– How does WikiLeaks see the media, now it is often working closely with it?

– What are the challenges working with the existing media structures?

– Does WikiLeaks aim to change the role of the media in our society?

– How does WikiLeaks’s content differ from traditional media, especially the corporate sector?

WHAT: WikiLeaks — force for good or Internet evil?

WHEN: Thursday June 23, 6pm

WHERE: Queensland College of Art Lecture Theatre S05, South Bank

MEDIA CONTACT: Deborah Marshall 0408 727 734.