Griffith continues commitment to sustainability

Kay Ollett has been appointed as Griffith’s Project Officer — Sustainability Policy. This is a new role for the University, created to reinforce our commitment to sustainability.

Kay says her role involves a diverse range of challenges.

“The initial task is to identify sustainable practices and activities already going on at Griffith.

“I will be working with a new Sustainability Advisory Committee, chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Ned Pankhurst, which will represent all elements of the University.

“The Committee’s initial role will be to develop a corporate sustainability policy and plan,” she said.

Kay said she is hoping her prior experience as Environmental Coordinator at the University of Queensland, a job she held for 14 years, will prove useful in her new role.

Her position at UQ included implementing an Environmental Management System, managing a Green Office Program, organising training and awareness programs and managing the University’s Sustainability website.

“In my previous position, I enjoyed interaction with a range of people both internal and external to the University and I’m looking forward to working with key stakeholders to ensure the sustainability practices at Griffith are recognised, coordinated and further developed.”

Kay said so far she has enjoyed the challenges of her new role and has been pleased to find many sustainability initiatives in place at Griffith.