Experts present latest research on bullying prevention

The Commissioner for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, Queensland Elizabeth Fraser will provide the opening address.

Presenters include Professor Bruce Burton who initiated the Queensland-wide Acting Against Bullying program, Professor Paul Mazerolle, director of the Griffith University Violence Research and Prevention program, and Griffith University PhD scholar Roberta Thompson whose research is on Year 8 girls and cyberbullying.

Professor Burton said school bullying was an ongoing issue of international concern.

“Despite more than three decades of concerted attempts in many countries to prevent bullying, research continues to show it’s increasing, with serious consequences for school students throughout the world,” he said.

Professor Burton will provide an overview of Acting Against Bullying, an evidence-based innovative, whole-school program that has been developed and applied over a decade in schools in Australia, Sweden and the UK.

Acting Against Bullying uses structured learning about bullying and applied theatre techniques, interwoven with peer teaching to empower students of all ages to manage the bullying situations they encounter in their schools.

The presentation will include evidence of the effectiveness of Acting against Bullying, an explanation of its application, and a demonstration of the program in operation by Griffith university graduates who have implemented the program in schools.

Professor Mazerolle will discuss youth violence and school violence, its prevalence, risk factors as well as options for prevention.

His presentation will examine trends in youth violence as well as trends in dimensions of school violence, with current statistics and survey information.

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WHAT: Child Safety in Schools: Addressing Violence and Bullying symposium

WHEN: Monday, August 30, 9am-3.30pm

WHERE: Webb Centre, S02_707, Griffith University (South Bank campus)