The challenge is to create an innovative, informative and entertaining audio-visual testimony of their experiences here at Griffith.

There are 4 x iPads, 4 x Mini-HD Video cameras and 4 x $100 gift cards to be won. Winning submissions will be shared with students all over the world on the Web and at Study Expos.

Ms. Guie Hartney, Griffith International – Regional Marketing Manager for Latin America & Australia, spoke to us of her excitement about this new initiative.

“We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to share the knowledge, experience and understanding of our students and alumni with future and current students.

We believe that this challenge will enable students to really speak for themselves. The style, topic and format is pretty open and our students are well versed or practiced in a variety of media. So we have simply asked the students to take some ownership of their experiences and tell us their story.

Career and study goals, achievements big and small, challenges, experiments, emotions, outcomes – its all fair game in this competition.

We are also inviting academics to take part and hope that there are some academics that are ready, willing and ‘technically’ able to join the challenge share something with future and current students as well.

No scripts. Just the words and images of our students and academics and of course the chance for them to win some great prizes.

We are pulling together a select panel of notable judges to give the finalists the big seal of approval for innovation, information and entertainment value.

I can’t wait to see the results.”

For those interested in joining the challenge, more information can be found at: