Griffith awarded national teaching citations

The Citations recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning.

Vice Chancellor Professor Ian O’Connor said he was delighted to see Griffith’s strong reputation in teaching and learning once again recognised through the awards.

“These awards join a long tradition of acknowledgement for Griffith’s innovative and engaging teachers and reflect our University’s strengthening focus on enhancing the student experience,” Professor O’Connor said.

“Griffith has a commitment to encouraging and supporting high levels of teaching excellence and creative learning methods that have long-lasting benefits for students.”

The successful recipients were:

Associate Professor Janis Bailey

For creating a highly engaging capstone course in Employment Relations that synthesises and applies students’ previous learning providing an effective bridge to their working futures

Dr Merrelyn Bates

For long-term, student-focused leadership that develops individual strengths, fosters independent learning, self-efficacy and professional capacity for future work in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Professor Vladimir Estivill-Castro

For leadership and innovation in postgraduate supervision that supports, engages, and inspires computer science research students to succeed in a highly competitive research environment

Associate Professor Hong Guan

For nurturing responsible structural engineering professionals in developing skill sets and expertise in planning, analysing, designing, and constructing safe, effective and economical structures

Ms Judy Hartley, Ms Martina Donaghy, Ms Jo Merley, Ms Trish O’Keefe and Ms Suzanne Wilkinson

For sustained commitment to the development and delivery of high quality equity programs that support the aspirations and capabilities of students from diverse backgrounds

Ms Carol-joy Patrick and the Griffith Work-integrated Learning Network including Dr Calvin Smith, Dr Merrelyn Bates, Dr Ken Bennett, Mr Barry Bell, Professor Stephen Billett, Dr Jennifer Cartmel, Professor Paul Draper, Mr Matt Hitchcock, Ms Lainie Groundwater, Ms Ros Franklin, Associate Professor Alf Lizzio, Mr Tony Lyons, Ms Zoe Rathus, Dr Greg Reddan, and Ms Sandra Woodbridge

For being an ‘agent-of-change’, over more than a decade, institutionally and nationally through practitioner-driven contributions to work-integrated learning scholarship

Ms Karen van Haeringen and Ms Jennifer Martin

For the strategic development and implementation of institutional policy, systems and services that support a sustainable and holistic approach to promoting academic integrity among students

Dr Yuping Wang

For innovation in curriculum and resource development, through the creative integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs), to meet the needs of language learners

Griffith University was also awarded three 2010 ALTC Priority Project Grants.

The Priority Project Program supports projects addressing: Academic standards, assessment practices and reporting; curriculum renewal; teaching and learning spaces; and internationalisation.

The successful recipients were:

Dr Cheryl Sim, School of Educational and Professional Studies – ‘Using Professional Standards: Assessing work integrated learning in initial teacher education’ ($218,000)

Dr Liz van Acker, Department of Politics and Public Policy and Associate Professor Janis Bailey, Department of Employment Relations & Human Resources – ‘Capstone courses in undergraduate business degrees: better course design, better learning activities, better assessment’ ($218,000)

Professor Jeff Giddings, Griffith Law School as part of a cross-institutional project team comprising Associate Professor Adrian Evans (Project Lead – Monash), Ms Anna Cody (UNSW), Ms Anna Copeland (Murdoch), Associate Professor Mary Anne Noone (La Trobe), Associate Professor Simon Rice (ANU) — ‘Strengthening Australian legal education by integrating clinical experiences: identifying and supporting effective practices‘ ($211,000)