Renowned education scholars from across the globe will attend the sixth international Basil Bernstein conference in Brisbane from June 30-July 3.

Chair of the symposium planning committee, Professor Parlo Singh, from the Griffith Graduate Research School said the symposium aimed to encourage informed dialogue between academics undertaking research that engages with the work of the British sociologist and linguist.

“Bernstein’s pioneering work over the past four decades has illuminated our understanding of the relationship among political economy, family, language and schooling,” Professor Singh said.

“He was committed to equity and social justice and he sought to achieve an education system that offered genuine equal opportunities to children from all class and cultural backgrounds.”

Bernstein’s work has been widely translated and taken up in Europe, the UK and US, China, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

“This symposium encourages dialogue and debate across these various translations and transmutations of the theoretical and methodological framework.”

Speakers include Dr Kwok Wah Cheung from the University of Hong Kong, Professor Ruqaiya Hasan from Macquarie University, Professor Alan Sadovnik, Rutgers University, Newark, USA, Professor Frances Christie from the University of Sydney and Emeritus Professor Ana Maria Morais from the University of Lisbon. Portugal.

A full list of conference speakers can be found at