Loss of faith in major parties leads to indecision

According to Griffith University political scientist Dr Paul Williams, the Queensland Opposition’s new-found support is largely due to a crisis in faith for the Bligh-led Labor party rather than any embrace of the Liberal-National party as a credible alternative government.

“Yesterday’s state Galaxy Poll revealed a loss of Queensland voters’ faith in Bligh, with the Coalition ahead of the Labor Party, 55 to 45 per cent on a two-party preferred basis,’’ he said.

Yet Dr Williams says the recent Galaxy poll revealing a collapse in Labor’s support also signals problems for the state opposition.

“A loss of faith in all the major parties and leaders is a key factor in the results of the latest opinion polls.

“This is reflected in a decline in the LNP’s own primary vote, and in the fact more voters prefer former Opposition leader Lawrence Springborg to lead the LNP than current leader John-Paul Langbroek.”

Dr Williams also points to problems for federal Labor.

“The Galaxy poll in last Friday’s Courier Mail showed federal Labor in trouble in Queensland, the key battle ground for this year’s election. It seems the Sunshine State has turned against Labor in a big way.”

Fairfax’s Nielsen poll showed the Coalition ahead of Labor by 53 to 47 per cent after preferences.

He said the Galaxy poll found 54 per cent of respondents were opposed to the Government’s proposed resources tax, while 37 per cent supported it. It found 68 per cent of respondents thought the Government had done a bad job explaining the tax.

“Labor is in trouble everywhere and Queensland, as the main battleground will prove particularly troublesome for Kevin Rudd.

“That Labor has lost more than 10 percentage points from its primary vote since last year’s election and trails the LNP, 45 to 55 per cent should come as no surprise.

“Nor should it be a shock that Anna Bligh’s own dissatisfaction rating is an astonishing 69 per cent.”

But he said the LNP shouldn’t gloat either, with its primary vote increasingly only marginally since the 2009 election.

“The LNP’s four-point decline since February reveals the lack of public faith in the party and is made even clearer by John-Paul Langbroek’s personal ratings.

“Only 31 per cent are satisfied with the Opposition’s Leader’s performance

“The Greens have done well and federally, this might be Labor’s only saving grace as Green preferences will return to Labor.”