Sewell Fellow presents public lecture

Visiting Canadian Professor Jean Clandinin will present a public lecture entitled ___Composing Lives: Narrative inquiry into the experiences of youth who left school early___, on Monday, June 7 from 4pm-6pm.

Professor Clandinin is visiting the Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER) as a 2010 University Sewell Fellow and is Director of the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development at the University of Alberta, Canada

Dr Clandinin has pioneered the development and use of narrative inquiry in educational research.

Her passion and interests lie with the experiences and lives of children and teachers and what goes on in the classroom – discovering the stories of teachers, the stories of kids, and the stories of parents.

This public lecture will draw on her recent narrative inquiry research with early school leavers and which she will use to demonstrate the possibilities of narrative inquiry.

GIER Director Professor Greer Johnson said the Clandinin/Sewell Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for a team of senior and early career researchers within GIER to expand and internationalise current Institute research.

“The Sewell funded project sits securely within the GIER umbrella signature project called Closing the Gap designed to examine the experiences of people who live in low-SES communities, including peoples of Indigenous heritage,” Professor Johnson said.

As a continuation of the narrative inquiries with youth who leave school early, Dr Clandinin is particularly interested in the experiences of Aboriginal youth.

She has very recently received Canadian funding for this project and has begun to build collaborative relationships with youth, families and elders. A comparative GIER study is proposed whereby research will be undertaken with similar populations in Australia.

The “Composing Lives: Narrative inquiry into the experiences of youth who left school early” report can be found here:

WHAT: Public Lecture, Composing Lives: Narrative inquiry into the experiences of youth who left school early

WHEN: Monday, June 7, 4pm-6pm

WHERE: QCA Lecture Theatre, S05, 2.04