International Students making an impact as Ambassadors for Brisbane

Nine of our Griffith International students have been selected to ‘play their part’ and represent Brisbane as International Ambassadors to the world.

Brisbane Marketing has appointed 30 students as International Ambassadors to promote the city as a study and travel destination for students from around the world.

From that group 9 are Griffith students from a variety of nationalities and study areas. They have been chosen to spread the good word about their experiences in Brisbane and here at Griffith to family, friends, networks and communities across the world through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and their own personal Blogs.

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If you are interested in the Brisbane International Ambassador program and reading the Student blogs, check out the Study Brisbane Website

You may also be interested to know in some that Griffith has developed the GI Ambassadors program where students can similarly share their experiences and provide some peer support with a network of future and current students.

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James Aspin

Relationship Marketing Officer

Griffith International