Professor Stephen Smallbone and Dr Susan Dennison have been awarded inaugural Australian Research Council Fellowships, the only two awarded in the area of criminology in Australia.

Professor Smallbone’s Fellowship is for Testing theoretical propositions concerning the onset and progression of child-sex offending, and field testing a new sexual abuse prevention model.

Dr Susan Dennison’s Fellowship is for What about the children? A study of the intergenerational consequences of paternal incarceration.

There were more than 900 applications for the Fellowships, eight of which Griffith secured.

Other successful Griffith University Future Fellows include:

– Dr Kathy Andrews for New drugs for malaria that target histone deacetylases

– Dr Bruce Buchan for A Colonial and Conceptual History of Asymmetric Warfare and Security

– Dr Chengrong Chen for Forest ecosystem diversity, function and service in response to perturbations: the key regulatory role of biogeochemical cycling

– Dr Juanita Elias for The Gender Politics of Global Economic Competitiveness in Southeast Asia

– Dr Kaile Su for ”Model checking Multi-Agent System and its application

– Dr Shanqing Zhang for Development of a photoelectrochemical system based on Titanium dioxide nanotubes/boron doped diamond heterojunction for online water quality monitoring

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Ned Pankhurst said the grants were a great honour for the researchers and the University.

“I congratulate the researchers for winning this support against tough national and international competition,” Professor Pankhurst said.

“The grants recognise Griffith’s research strengths in water and environmental science, criminology and crime prevention, drug discovery for infectious diseases as well as Asian economies.

“The research projects are providing solutions to major national challenges and we are delighted to receive this major funding support from the Federal Government.”