Griffith welcomes ideas

Griffith University is pleased to be a Major Sponsor of the Ideas Festival which runs in and around Brisbane from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th March.

Griffith University Vice Chancellor Professor Ian O’Connor says the connection between the Ideas Festival and Griffith is built on a strong joint commitment to supporting and celebrating innovation.

“The Ideas Festival promotes Queensland, locally, nationally and internationally as being future driven, innovative, diverse and forward thinking.

“Griffith University sees the Festival as a wonderful opportunity to showcase Queensland’s world-class thinkers and researchers and at the same time revel in the alchemy created when ideas from around the world swirl together over the five days of the Festival.

“Our university provides opportunity for ideas to collide, and importantly nurtures the new ways of thinking that can emerge from the impact, so we are delighted to be supporting the Festival.”

Griffith University is particularly pleased to be involved with presenting world-renowned photographer and environmental activist Chris Jordan who will talk about his latest project ‘Running the Numbers’.

Using large-format, intricately details prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs, Jordan depicts the enormous environmental impacts of Western Culture and its astonishing waste of valuable resources.

Jordan hopes to raise questions about the role of the individual in a society that he sees as increasingly overwhelming and difficult to comprehend.

‘Running the Numbers’ looks at contemporary culture through the austere lens of statistics, where his images representing the quantities have a different effect than the numbers alone.

Jordan’s talk visually examines the vast and bizarre measures of society, which demands an individual response to action change.

Jordan’s ‘Running the Numbers’ is being held in the State Library Auditorium, South Bank at 1.45pm, on Saturday 28th March.