‘yatta’ * EXHIBITION *{Japanese – we made it!}

‘yatta’ * EXHIBITION *{Japanese – we made it!}

College Gallery | Galleria Complex

15 Tribune Street (cnr Grey) | South Bank

3 – 29 June 2008

Opening drinks | 6 June | 6 – 9 pm

Wednesday to Friday: 10 am – 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12 noon – 4 pm

Ph: 3846 4516


(L) Iain Turnbull, Trial Balance (Detail), 2008

(R) Jennifer Lowrey, Enfin, Enfin, Enfin, 2008

Jennnifer"s works are on paper, done in watercolour, ink, pencil with collage including used postage stamps.

Iain"s works on paper are watercolour on printed book pages | boxes are wooden boxes with collage, wooden

twigs, lino,and small canvases painted in a single colour.



In art I like colour, space, words, repetition, mallepratt (Dutch= silly talk) ( by adults and children), design, aesthetics, understatement, overstatement, weirdness, thoughtfulness, whimsicality.

Despite having a relatively Anglo-Saxon background, and never having had need to learn another language, I am still very interested in them….more liking the pictorial poetics of a foreign written word- not necessarily the sound of it (although I love hearing foreign languages spoken). My lovely Dutch friend makes me realise how lucky I am to have English as a first language in an English-speaking country.

The stamps are a good way of representing multi-culturalism in an aesthetically pleasing little package, very compact. (+ Song lyrics… Iain)



In the painted pages I use a pre-existing element, (the printed page), as a structure that ‘gives me just enough to work with’. The words left unpainted are not meant to tell a story. Some of these words fit into the meaning and context of the work, others appear randomly. In the boxes similar ideas are present… taking ‘what is given’, using what is at hand, rather than looking for further elements to include. The texture of these objects, with their traces of age and use, attracts me. The boxes with small canvases start from the same point as the pages, using primary colours mixed down as I worked through the range of colours.

Inspiration comes from the colours and shapes of the objects around me… glass, ceramics, metal, wood, the paint box and palette. The feeling I hope is one of light and colour – the pleasure in making – the beauty of all things closely seen