How the arts shape the aspirations of people and society will be the focus of a public lecture presented by Queensland Conservatorium director Professor Peter Roennfeldt on Tuesday, July 31.

The first of the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre’s 2007 Twilight Lecture series Visions of Utopia, this talk will highlight the ways in which the planning, establishment and subsequent development of the Queensland Conservatorium were imbued with vision and the search for an ideal.

“The human element behind institutional life comes clearly through in the reportage and memoirs of staff, students and supporters over many years,” Professor Roennfeldt said.

“It was their Utopian vision which made many artistic projects come to fruition, often against the odds.

“Surviving the ‘double cultural cringe’ from the northern hemisphere and the southern states has nevertheless been a significant sub-theme attached to this journey, with mixed and at times interesting and unexpected results.

“This talk will be much more than a trip down memory lane, but inevitably some of the more interesting and under acknowledged aspects of the Conservatorium’s story will be brought to light.”

WHAT: Free public lecture – Striving for a Musical Utopia – but why in Queensland?

WHEN: Tuesday July 31, 6pm

WHERE: Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium, 16 Russell Street, South Bank