Unis launch national China law network

A nation-wide network is being launched to help build Australia’s capacity and understanding of Chinese law, which increasingly has implications for Australians.

The China Law Network (CLN) will be jointly launched by Griffith University and the University of Melbourne, under the banner of the Australian Research Council Asia Pacific Futures Research Network (ARC APFRN).

CLN Director and Griffith University Professor Mary Farquhar said the CLN aimed to be a rich resource for Australians involved with China across sectors — in academia, industry, government, law, and for the public.

“The People’s Republic of China now has a legal system that increasingly governs all aspects of Chinese life, both nationally and internationally,” Professor Farquhar said.

“As China becomes an increasingly powerful player on the international stage, law is crucial knowledge for Australians working with China.

“This includes in educational exchanges, commercial ventures, Chinese investment, international law, international crime (such as drugs and people smuggling), human rights, and more.”

Professor Farquhar said the CLN will promote collaboration, networking, student exchanges, and research on Chinese law and justice, focusing on social and commercial aspects, both nationally and internationally.

The CLN has also received funding to set up a Chinese juvenile justice network in Australia.

“Juvenile justice is a major and undeveloped aspect of Chinese law, with strong links to international law and strategic implications for juvenile justice in Australia,” Professor Farquhar said.

“The CLN has already received more than $16,000 funding from the International Centre of Excellence in Asia Pacific Studies, and a further $7,000 from the ARC APFRN to establish an expert youth/juvenile justice network.

“The youth network will involve cross-sectoral representatives from Australia, China and the Asia-Pacific region, including Chinese judges, Chinese drug prevention experts and the Queensland Police.”

The CLN will be launched on June 29 at the Chinese Studies Association of Australia 10th Biennial Conference at Griffith’s South Bank campus.

Members are welcomed from around the world and lawyers and other legal practitioners are encouraged to join.