International sustainable tourism expert, Geoffrey Lipman will help shape Griffith University’s research and courses when he joins the Griffith Business School (GBS) as an Adjunct Professor.

Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Mr Lipman represents global tourism at the highest levels within individual nations and various international forums.

Griffith University Vice Chancellor Professor Ian O’Connor said the university was very fortunate to have this global champion of the tourism industry join as an Adjunct Professor.

“Mr Lipman acts as the official spokesperson for the world’s largest intergovernmental tourism organisation, and has helped shape Travel and Tourism as the world’s largest industry,” Professor O’Connor said.

“Mr Lipman’s experience working with governments and the private sector has also involved working towards the elimination of all remaining barriers to trade in the tourism sector.

“He was the first President of the World Travel and Tourism Council, launched the Green Globe worldwide sustainable tourism program and has written and lectured worldwide on tourism strategy and sustainability. Mr Lipman will also lecture at Griffith as part of his role.”

Mr Lipman said he hoped to make a strong contribution to the GBS as an Adjunct Professor.

“I hope to bring a global, strategic perspective from outside the University to add to the mix of global thinking already present at Griffith,” Mr Lipman said.

“I see a positive but hugely challenging future for the tourism industry as it transitions from a pure growth mindset to a wise growth commitment.

“And I see massive societal benefits to getting that shift right. Sustainability is at the heart of the solution. It’s a quadruple bottom line — ecological, economic, social and climate driven.”

Professor O’Connor said the GBS shared Mr Lipman’s commitment to promoting sustainable business practices and had incorporated these into all programs.

“Mr Lipman’s appointment also holds specific significance for Griffith — not only through his commitment to sustainability but also his contribution to the tourism industry as a whole,” Professor O’Connor said.

“Griffith is in the core of Australia’s billion dollar tourism industry, both geographically and professionally.

“The University has long recognised the significance of tourism on a national and regional level and first established a tourism program back in 1990. In recognition of the industry’s growing importance the GBS now offers a full suite of tourism programs,” Professor O’Connor said.

Mr Lipman will give an address on Global Futures: Tourism and the rise of APEC during his appointment to Griffith ceremony tonight (May 14) from 5.30pm – 7pm in the Sofitel Grand Ballroom, Broadbeach.