$10,000 prizes excite short-story writers and poets

Previous winners of the Josephine Ulrick Literature and Poetry Prizes say one of the best things about the prizes is the acknowledgement that they are writers.

“Winning these large prizes lets writers know that they are on the right track. The money is also useful,” said School of Arts head Associate Professor Stephen Stockwell.

Australian poets and short story writers have until January 15 to enter two of the most lucrative literary competitions in the country.

The Josephine Ulrick Literature Prize and Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize, each worth $10,000, are administered by Griffith University on behalf of the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts.

Associate Professor Stephen Stockwell said the prizes helped foster the talents of emerging Australian writers.

“The judging panel consists of eminent Australian writers, giving entrants exposure to some of the best literary talent in Australia,” he said.

“Winning this prize has led to publication, invitations to speak and career development.”

Two prizes will be awarded – one for a short story between 1000 and 3000 words and another for a poem, or suite of poems, up to 200 lines.

Associate Professor Stockwell said Josephine Ulrick (1952-1997) had been director and curator of Art Galleries Schubert over many years.

The gallery’s owner, Mrs Win Schubert has long been a major presence in the arts life of Queensland and, in particular, the Gold Coast.

“This Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Foundation for the Arts is a charitable trust established to commemorate Josephine Ulrick’s great love of art, literature and photography by promoting excellence in achievement in the creative arts,” he said.

Griffith University has one of Australia’s largest creative writing programs as part of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Communications degrees.

The closing date for entries is January 15, 2007. Entry details are available on the website at: www.griffith.edu.au/school/art/ulrick

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